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  • Do you need a VR headset to use Wow?
    No! All of our content is playable on iOS, Android and desktops without a Virtual Reality headset or VR glasses. However, you can purchase a Wow headset with your subscription or via our website to enhance the experience.
  • Do you offer meditations?
    Yes! We offer a range of immersive and visually aided meditations for relaxtion, anxiety, sleep and focus.
  • Do I need a subscripton?
    No! We offer freenium access so that all can enjoy Wow. However, a subscription is required to unlock all marketplace and third-party content.
  • Does Wow replace nature?
    No! If anything, using Wow helps promotes the use of nature and the great oudoors as the best therapy (for those who can access it). Whilst research is very promising and shows that virtual experiences can be just as effective - nothing replaces the real thing!
  • How can I contact Customer Support?
    You can contact Wow Customer Support using the Contact Us form, Live chat support tool or by sending an email to the team.
  • Can I become a content contributor?
    Yes. We not only like to produce our own original content but also work with contributors to provide a marketplace of immersive experiences. To find out more about joining our program, please contact a member of the team at
  • Do you offer business licenses?
    Yes. Please contact our Customer Support for the latest corporate discounts and business rates.

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