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"Brilliantly blissful escapism"

Our story is a simple one. We could all do with more positive experiences. The more Wow the better.


Being mindful doesn’t need to involve closing your eyes for 45 minutes and listening to audio meditations (which isn’t always easy). It can be as simple as having more happy experiences. As science has proven, it’s really the best thing for us - Positive thinking improves neuroplasticity and cognitive function.


Wow is a very happy place, maybe the happiest - the marketplace of pure feel-good visual content. A World of Wonders to counteract negative programming that our brains are constantly absorbing from everyday stresses, social media, news, work or watching TV. Relax your mind in just 60 seconds.

Our truly visual experiences can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere. Explore earth’s most awe inspiring wonders, with 360 augmented reality and immersive videos, designed by experts to help increase your daily Wow and intake of the good stuff - soothing busy minds, improving sleep, and increasing focus.


Making mindfulness a magical walk in the park, quite literally. Start and end your day in a happy place.

You + more happy thoughts = a happier world

Don't just take our word


"Positive Thoughts Build Your Skills, Boost Your Health, and Improve Your Work"


"Can virtual nature be a good substitute for the great outdoors? The science says yes"

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"Raising levels of optimism may promote longevity and healthy ageing - An optimistic outlook 'means you live longer'"

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