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Find your happy place

We could all do with more positive

experiences. The more Wow the better.


Wow is the home of the best pure feel-good immersive content to soothe busy minds.


Explore a visual World of Wonders and relax in just 60 seconds. Start and end your day in a happy place.

“A magical walk in the park compared to other mindfulness Apps I’ve tried, quite literally.” 


Find out more about Wow

WOWVH logo. Download the wow app from Immersive mindfulness experiences. Download the WOW App now. Find your happy place and take a virtual holidays with WOWVH

Happier in 14 days Guarantee or a full refund

Explore truly visual mindful experiences with 360° Virtual Reality (headset compatible), immersive videos, meditations, tours, nature/ binaural/ ASMR sounds, dreamscapes, music and much more. 

Want more Wow? Put your Wow glasses on. See a World of Wonders 360 content in all it's glory with our Virtual Reality headsets. Free with a subscription

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